KeyGhost launches corporate key-logger

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KeyGhost launches corporate key-logger

Every key you strike.

Key-logger firm KeyGhost has unvieled a software-based PC monitoring system for use over corporate networks.

The company's Isodus software will monitor and log all user activity, including keystrokes, application usage, screenshots and idle time.

"Isodus is really about empowering operations managers," said KeyGhost chief executive Theo Kerdemelidis.

"It is very easy for managers to have no idea what is happening on work computers during office hours, particularly in corporations with large networks. An employee may be tapping away at their first novel, or even running their own private business."

Kerdemelidis said that the reporting tools are beneficial for employees and the managers by allowing users to see how they spend their working day and allowing managers to have better control of projects.

He added that the software allows for a wide range of reporting options, and that it is possible to define who has access to what information and what level of detail can be seen.

The software also comes with a 'Privacy' button to allow users to halt the key-logging to access personal information. When a user enters this private mode the system records the period as idle time.

"The system is to help manage people," said Kerdemelidis. "Some people need more management than others."
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