Infosec: IBM offers 'security-as-a-service'

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IBM's Internet Security Systems (ISS) division has launched new services designed to help smaller companies improve their overall IT security systems.

Recent research by the IBM X-Force team claims to have revealed an alarming rise in organised crime attacks on smaller organisations, prompting the development of new services for the SME market.

Peter Stremus, vice president of business lines and sectors at IBM ISS in EMEA, maintained that SMEs are facing an increasing number of attacks, combined with onerous compliance and regulation requirements.
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"Mid-sized companies now have the same security needs as larger organisations, but the complexity of these systems remains a major hurdle for them," he said.

IBM aims to provide an advanced set of security systems which will safeguard against criminal attacks, comply with industry standards and tighten the security of information, applications and IT infrastructures.

"Services are more and more important in offering a complete security package to companies of all sizes," said Stremus.

The new IBM services include:
  • Express Penetration Testing Services which uncover vulnerabilities by simulating a real network attack and mimicking the techniques used by malicious attackers
  • Express Multi-Function Security Bundle services that help provide the most complete do-it-yourself protection against network threats, vulnerabilities, worms, viruses, spy-ware and spam in a single platform
  • Express Managed Multi-Function Security Bundle for clients that prefer a fully managed multi-function security system
  • Express Managed Protection Services for Server that help provide protection for servers against threats as well as monitoring and management services

IBM will also focus on compliance with Payment Card Industry standards by performing assessments for companies that accept, store or process credit card information.
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