Court winner launches anti-spam campaign

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Court winner launches anti-spam campaign

Gordon Dick using Scotch Spam site to educate users on their rights.

A man who won £750 ($1,840) in compensation from a UK firm after receiving a single spam email has set up to help other internet users bring spammers to court. 

Edinburgh's Sheriff Court ordered Transcom Internet Services to pay a total of £1,369 ($3,360) including costs to 30 year-old Gordon Dick. 

"If you are fed up with increasing amounts of spam email in your mailbox then make a legal claim now and make the spammers pay for their actions," Dick states on his website.

Dick used the UK implementation of European anti-spam laws to bring his case.

"The courts are sensitive to putting right these misdemeanours and the small claims procedures are ideally suited for individuals to take low cost legal action," he said.

The Scotch Spam website currently lists wins for Dick's case, as well as an out-of-court settlement for Nigel Roberts back in December 2006.

Roberts brought an action against Media Logistics (UK) in a Colchester court before settling the case for £300 ($736).

Dick said that he is hoping to get backing from UK ISPs, and urged internet users to ask their provider to work with the scheme.

"We are trying to encourage ISPs and email providers to join us in taking a socially responsible approach by working together to help end users take legal action to drive spammers from the UK by using existing laws," he said.
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