Anti-Phishing Working Group calls out for papers

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Anti-Phishing Working Group wants input before its eCrime conference

The Anti-Phishing Working Group is inviting papers and research from interested parties in the run-up to its eCrime 2008 Internet Security Research conference.

The APWG will hold its third annual conference in Atlanta, starting on 15 October, and is hoping for a lot of industry input as it finalises its topics and events, it expects that there will be many benefits for bodies that participate.

"We've got a team of towering authorities in information security, privacy, and electronic crime to chair and staff our conference committees," said Foy Shiver, APWG Deputy Secretary General and Director of eCrime Researchers Summit Development. "Authors' exposure to these experts' opinions and direction will be of invaluable assistance to their research."

Papers are invited on a wide range of topics, including phishing, crimeware, spoofing, and best practices for dealing with them all. However the body is not limiting topics and urges parties to provide it with any relevandocuments at all.

General Chair for the conference, Gary Warner, said, "It's clear that the criminals are working in an organized fashion to develop new technologies to expand their ability to steal our data, identities, and money. The APWG’s e-Crimes Researchers Summit exists to develop and encourage the research that will be the best response to that challenge."

The complete call for papers announcement can be viewed here. Submissions are due by 5 June.

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