Mini-documentary: The changing nature of workplace culture

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Management guru Peter Drucker once said, "culture eats strategy for breakfast." But that was before a world of hybrid work and dispersed teams. With zoom replacing face to face, and offices remaining largely empty, it begs the question, what does a post-Covid workplace culture look like?
And does culture even matter to employees whose office is at home?

In this Digital Nation Australia minidocumentary we hear from Dee Monaghan, head of culture, engagement and behavioural risk at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Bridget Gray, VP IT services Asia Pacific at Korn Ferry, Cathy Doyle, chief people experience manager at Symbio Holdings, Krista Hunt, general manager of people and culture at Carlisle Homes, and Kent Cabrera, head of HR optimisation at Aesop. 

Read the cover story here.

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