Case Study: A decade's worth of digital helped Purebaby grow through lockdowns

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A decade's worth of digital development ensured Purebaby, Australia's largest independent babywear brand was able to adjust, and grow during the huge shift to digital consumption forced upon retailers by the COVID disruption.

Digital Nation Australia spoke to Sanjay Gill, Purebaby CEO  about how the company transformed its customers' journey's and deployed data to better serve their customer’s needs.

“Digital has always been a part of our brand. I remember initially, and I'm talking 2005, 2006, we used to get a bit of backlash from our wholesalers “saying why are you selling online?”, and we never apologised for it,” says Gill.

“I'm very glad because we started transitioning, I would say nearly eight years ago, our online store started picking up more and more traffic. So when COVID hit, we were ready, we had the right tools, we had the right partnerships [such as] with Cheetah Digital and with our digital marketing agency. We had a good social media strategy going [too].”

Gill says that the business matrix has changed too, with 50 per cent of the revenue from online sales and 50 per cent from their retail stores and B2B operations.

The shift involved swapping out its older marketing technology platform Bronto for Cheetah Digital.

“When we on-boarded the Cheetah Digital platform, we were using quite a powerful platform. But it was just getting used as a batch and blast, you have a database, you're sending them an EDM, and that was it. So the Cheetah team worked with us, we actually mapped out a whole customer journey.”

The better an organisation knows its customers the better able it is to serve them says Gill. He said that Purebaby uses data to better serve their end customer, being parents and their babies.

“How we use that data is when a parent is purchasing something, we try to do a matching product, but we incorporate that into the triggered email as saying we'll look you purchase this you purchase that might be of interest to you.”

“That's what at the basic level, we do with the Cheetah team, we designed a campaign where if you bought a onesie or any other item in a triple zero size, which is suitable for a three-month-old baby, we're going to send you an EDM saying it's time to upgrade to a double zero. So we're using that data.”

“I'd love to use it even more than that. But there are enough campaigns in there that are triggered by the data and the purchasing behaviour.”

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