Technology sector primed to lead decarbonisation efforts

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Technology sector primed to lead decarbonisation efforts

While companies across industries are working to meet decarbonisation goals, technology companies have an opportunity to develop the products to support such goals.

According to an article “Stepping up: tech and sustainability” by Deloitte and author Ariane Bucaille and Rafi Addlestone, $3 trillion is likely to be spent on research and development in the ICT sector over the next 10 years, with massive potential to translate that into decarbonisation efforts.

However, negative impacts must be minimised, including large energy usage in data centres, obtainment of rare materials and ethical challenges of an increased use of AI or social networks.

In order to embed sustainability into solutions and products going forward, Deloitte lists three key steps to follow:

- Connect growth to impact and purpose
- Set priorities that align to that purpose
- Develop a program for delivery

“Digital technologies help companies connect and communicate, monitor and track, analyse and optimize, and augment and automate,” the authors say.

“By using digital technologies in this manner companies can shift more and more to electrification fueled by renewable energy. We need the broad use of these innovative and scalable digital tools, to quicken the pace of our progress toward a low carbon economy.”

In order to achieve maximum levels of progress in this area, Deloitte believes that cross-industry cooperation and innovation is necessary. Several sectors are listed whereby technology can have the most impact:

- Manufacturing
- Agriculture
- Energy and utilities
- Mobility
- Buildings

“With its unique position to drive the products needed to decarbonize, the tech sector must take on a leadership role, bringing together key stakeholders to collaborate and innovate. This means not only making the most of current technologies but also taking the lead in identifying and developing new technologies that can have the most impact,” the authors say.

Visit “Stepping up: tech and sustainability” to read the full article.

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