Starbucks pilots EV charging stations in its carparks

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Starbucks pilots EV charging stations in its carparks

Starbucks in the US is undergoing a pilot program with Volvo and Chargepoint to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers in its parking lots.

The EV charging stations are being installed along the driving route from the Colorado Rocky Mountains to the Seattle Starbucks Support Centre.

The coffee chain expects up to 15 Starbucks stores to share 60 Volvo-branded EV charging ports by the end of the year.

While charging an EV is not as fast as filling a tank of fuel, and can take more than 30 minutes, the idea is that customers can sip a Tall Caramel Macchiato while they wait.

During the Pilot of the EV Charging Network, the DC fast chargers will be installed approximately every 100 miles along the 1350 mile route.

Starbucks has defined its sustainability strategy as a “test and learn approach” as it works to meet its 230 “planet positive” climate goals.

“Starbucks is spending this year testing innovative new ways to reduce waste and reduce our carbon footprint,” said Michael Kobori, chief sustainability officer.

“Our store partners know their customers and communities best. When we work together with our partners, we find better solutions to create a more sustainable future for our planet and people.”

Volvo and Chargepoint will be responsible for the charging station installation in the Starbucks carparks in towns including Twin Falls, Idaho, and Uintah, Utah.

The EV charging pilot makes up part of the company’s 2700 Greener Store portfolio.

“We have a bold long-term sustainability vision and ambitious goals for 2030,” said Starbucks president and CEO, Kevin Johnson.

“Starbucks partners around the world are passionate about protecting our planet and are at the very centre of driving the innovation that enables us to give more than we take from the planet.”

The pilot is designed for Starbucks to test the usage rates of the stations and determine whether an expansion of the service nationally should be an element of the company’s broader sustainability plan.

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