Bendigo and Adelaide Bank CEO says AWS has modernised the bank

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Bendigo and Adelaide Bank CEO says AWS has modernised the bank

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank CEO Marnie Baker said that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has put its customers at the centre of their collaboration.

Baker spoke as part of the keynote for day one of the AWS Summit this week in conversation with Rianne Van Veldhuizen, Managing Director, AWS ANZ.

Discussing the Bank’s deployment of AWS cloud technology, Baker said that AWS has helped the brand to modernise its technology and reduce disruption.

However, despite the fact that Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is becoming the leading cloud adopter in financial services, enabled by AWS, Baker believes it’s not just about cloud.

“What I like about AWS is that they really took time to actually understand who we are, and understand our organisation, what our customer’s needs were and we've been able to actually adapt and adopt practices and things that actually make sense for us and our customer base,” she said.

“It’s more than actually just being a cloud provider. We're talking about the challenges that we have between our two organisations, the opportunities that are there for both our organisations as we collaborate so it's become a much bigger collaboration than I think we probably originally thought.”

Baker stated that Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has always been “digital by design, and human when it matters.”

While having the right technology in place is important, she believes success comes down to the people.

“People are the drivers of business innovation. Technology enables it, but it's actually people that are driving that,” she said.

“I think and then when you have a really strong purpose with that as we do, and a close connection at a grassroots level, to your customers to understand what they are doing, you'll hopefully be able to meet and what we believe in our case, exceed our customer’s expectations.”

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