Resetting cyber security for the new threat landscape

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Resetting cyber security for the new threat landscape

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Warnings about pandemic-related cyber security threats came thick and fast last year. So what are the implications for your organisation in 2021?

You can now watch a series of videos featuring Fortinet experts exploring this question. In the videos we interview Cornelius Mare, Director Security Solutions at Fortinet, and Glenn Maiden, Director Threat Intelligence at FortiGuard Labs ANZ.

Watch the first video below for a recap of key cyber security trends in 2020. This includes a decrease in traditional attack methods, a move to “hybrid” ransomware attacks and the targeting of industrial control systems.

Mare and Maiden also discuss how they saw organisations deal with cyber security threats in 2020. And they talk about Fortinet’s response.

Upcoming videos will be about putting cyber security basics in place, Zero Trust cyber security, and conversations executives should be having about this topic. Look out for the rest of the discussion here.

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