Whitepaper: Implementing DSD's Top 35 Mitigation Strategies

There is growing evidence each day that groups such as Anonymous, state-based actors and individuals are intent on stealing valuable corporate data or causing disruption to computer-based services.

From governments to religious organisations, global enterprises and small business owners, everyone has been a victim in one form or another of these types of attacks. The motives of attackers range from a self-deluded intention of doing good for society, to monetary or political gain or for no other reason than to demonstrate the ability to affect such an attack.

Because our world economy, governments, industry and citizens rely heavily on the capabilities that the Internet provides, attacks to this fundamental infrastructure and the devices connected to it are frequent, visible and damaging. Disruptions to Internet services can have a catastrophic effect on our banking systems, utilities and the way we communicate across the globe.

How can we, as a global community, protect our way of life and reliance on the Internet?

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