Tackle new ITSM priorities with this seven-step Micro Focus guide

Since COVID-19 turned the world on its head, the need to quickly evolve an organisation’s ITSM (IT Service Management) capabilities has become imperative.

Whether they are supporting remote workers or speeding up digital transformation, ITSM teams continue to face new priorities and challenges.

There’s a common theme: modern ITSM capabilities must reflect the mantra of ‘better, faster, cheaper’. This can be achieved by recognising key business priorities, such as focusing on outcomes and value creation, and minimising lost productivity.

Read this Micro Focus guide detailing seven key areas of ITSM within your organisation and to learn how to:

  • focus on value while enabling corporate digital transformation
  • re-align ITSM capabilities to new ways of working and meet employees' expectations
  • use automation and AI to be ‘better, faster, cheaper’ and formalise new ITSM capabilities.
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