Save up to 10% on your public cloud costs

Enterprises move to the cloud for freedom and flexibility, cost effective scalability, and for a well-managed space in which to innovate.  

But sometimes costs escalate, migration is complex, performance wavers, and security concerns arise.  

With world-class AMD EPYC™ processors available in the public cloud, even the most intense workloads get a powerful performance transformation, cost-effectively. 

Why choose AMD? 

  • Instantly cut your cloud costs by between 7 – 10% 
  • Maintain or even exceed the technical capabilities you need 
  • Get an inherently higher level of data security 
  • Expert team, here to support you at every step 

eBook: On your mark. Get set. Scale. 

Read this eBook to find out how you can improve business agility with a cloud computing solution from AMD. 



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