Managed Security Service Providers for Dummies

The conversation about “Why Cloud?” has long since passed for many businesses and the question has transitioned into “How Cloud?” and “Is it safe?” The value the cloud brings to a business is measured in many ways — from speeding innovation and reducing time to market to streamlining operations and reducing capital expenditures. However, one of the largest inhibitors to cloud adoption is concern around the security of leveraging a service provider in a multi-cloud world. Much is at stake protecting your customers and your business, and naturally, you should be cautious. Although some of these concerns are beginning to subside over time as cloud technologies continue to mature, traditional controls and processes must adapt to new platforms, new development methodologies, and advanced technologies.

Information security is managed best by a risk-based approach and leveraging defensive — as well as preventive (such as proactive cyber hunting) — tactics extensively. In a multi-cloud world with an increased attack surface, this concept is key to ensuring you balance your risks properly. The changing landscape of risk demands decisive action from information security specialists. In an environment where you resist change, business units find ways to work around IT, resulting in diminished control of your risk posture. When you feel your risk profile in one area may have increased, you need to counterbalance that risk by increasing your security posture in other ways to average out the difference. This practice allows you to maintain an appropriate risk level for your organization and your customers. Enabling your business units by making the cloud easier to consume — while also relieving them of their own security, compliance, and management requirements — can be a winning strategy. You become a partner and preferred solution to the business, rather than leaving business teams to do it on their own and risking unwanted security exposure.

In this book – which a free download for iTnews subscribers thanks to Rackspace – you learn how to leverage a managed security services provider to enhance your organization’s security posture in the cloud.

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