Lessons Learnt - The Unisys Cloud Migration Journey – a digital transformation case study

As a premier global provider of cloud migration services, Unisys knows that each cloud journey is unique. With each cloud project Unisys undertakes, we gather useful insight and valuable experience that enhances our global cloud migration knowledgebase. In fact, Unisys itself has undergone an IT transformation from a centralised server-centric architecture to a predominately hybrid cloud environment. And our own migration journey is still in progress. The following case study illustrates how hard-won experience in complex cloud migrations informs cloud architects and engineers. In this case, ours.

As cloud technology matured and Unisys’ own internal demands for more flexible IT became clear, our internal Unisys Information Technology (UIT) team architected a step-by-step cloud strategy and deployment plan. This journey took almost 18 months from inception to completion, but we began realizing benefits from day one. Today we can set even more aggressive migrations.

There are many potential pitfalls when planning a cloud migration, but careful planning and choosing the right partners helps avoid bad outcomes.  Learn more about:

  • Transformation goals
  • Key drivers
  • Project scope and timeline
  • Migration approach
  • Establishing the cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud security
  • Zero trust architecture
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