Is your AWS framework well-architected?

Your organisation can transform its operations by using Amazon Web Services (AWS), but it’s critical that you use best practises when building systems on AWS.

By following best practise, you can ensure that your AWS-based systems are reliable, secure, efficient, cost-effective and deliver the right business outcomes.

To help organisations achieve that, Melbourne-based AWS partner Olikka uses the AWS Well-Architected Framework to review and guide development of its customers' systems. This framework gives people in technology roles a way to review their AWS architecture and spot deficiencies.

The framework covers:

  • General design principles for AWS architecture
  • The five pillars of well-architected AWS systems: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimisation
  • Key questions to ask, to ensure you’re following best practise
  • Guidelines for reviewing AWS architecture
  • Links to more information.

Olikka has successfully delivered AWS projects to major enterprise businesses across Australia and the world.

You can understand the importance of Olikka's approach by reading the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

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