How Tomago made SAP HANA sing

At the Tomago Aluminium Company plant in New South Wales, production has continued 24 hours a day since 1983 – and an SAP ERP system plays a part in keeping production running.

Read this success story to learn how Tomago made its SAP HANA implementation sing performance-wise.

It worked with Advent One to migrate its SAP HANA platform from the public cloud to a private cloud running on IBM Power Systems. Advent One were able to complete the migration, leveraging automation, within 6 days.

This was one of the most successful projects Tomago ever had, its CFO told Advent One.

Tomago gained the performance and flexibility its old public cloud solution lacked. That’s benefitted the company’s finance department and helped staff members make faster and more informed decisions. And Tomago’s IT Superintendent now has a “very stable and resilient system”.

Downloading the case study, provided by Advent One. It covers the:

  • challenges that led to the SAP migration
  • underlying IBM infrastructure 
  • rapid deployment and close teamwork required
  • key business outcomes

This content has been created and paid for by Advent One & IBM.

This content has been created and paid for by Advent One

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