How Macquarie University has prepared for fire and flood

Organisations face many challenges keeping their people safe during bushfires, floods and other natural disasters.

A key challenge is communicating quickly with hundreds or thousands of people – no matter what device they’re using, or where they are.

That’s possible with next-generation networked emergency communications, which allows rapid coordination of many people.

An Australian organisation that’s implemented such a system is Macquarie University. To see why it uses BlackBerry’s AtHoc crisis communications system, watch this video:

Learn more about how Macquarie University used BlackBerry AtHoc to solve its communication challenges by downloading the case study.

The case study details:

  • the university’s goals when choosing a communication platform
  • the capabilities BlackBerry AtHoc has provided the university
  • how the university used BlackBerry AtHoc to respond to a flood, which was caused by a plumbing failure

Download the case study by filling in the form on the right.


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