Data Security vs Human Behaviour

Is Convenience Compromising Safety?

Australian employees could be businesses’ biggest cyber security risk according to new Data Security vs Human Behaviour Survey by Gemalto

Individuals across Asia Pacific, including Australia are regularly leaving themselves, their employers and customers vulnerable to cyber security breaches. And the cause isn’t a cutting-edge new technology or an outbreak of criminal behaviour. It’s something far more mundane and potentially harder to combat – Human’s unsafe online behaviour.

The good news is that Australian businesses are recognising the importance of having stronger cyber security measures in place, with more than half indicating increased investments into this area in the previous 12 months. However, digital security is not just dependent on infrastructure, it also revolves around the policy that governs its use and importantly, the end-users that use technology.

With this white paper, Gemalto takes a deep dive into the findings of its Data Security vs Human Behaviour Survey and looks at the implications that unsafe IT habits in Asia Pacific have for businesses across the region.

Download this white paper to see how bad online habits is putting businesses and their customers at risk of cyber security breaches.

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