Katter pays tribute to the "no vote" NBN


Project was "great" for Australians.

Independent MP Bob Katter has paid tribute to Federal Labor for pursuing the National Broadband Network even though there were "no votes in it for them".

Katter's comments on the ABC's Q&A program came on the eve of an expected decision on Australia's political future by the three independents today.

Breaking news: Katter supports Coalition despite believing NBN is the better broadband policy.

The member for Kennedy accused both sides of Federal politics of trying to buy the votes of the independents, citing the ALP's offer of $340 million to Tasmanian MP Andrew Wilkie and the Coalition's $1 billion to re-develop Royal Hobart Hospital in return for his support.

Wilkie sided with Labor last week.

Katter said that although the vote-buying attempts started "within one week of finishing the election... there was a Government there for a little tiny while that did not go out buying votes [of other politicians or the public]".

"I have to pay a very great tribute to the Rudd Government because, for the first time in 20 years, I saw a Government [pursue] the broadband rollout, the national energy grid rollout," Katter said.

"There's no votes in either of those things.

"They [the projects] are a good thing for this country, a great thing for this country, and they [the Government] undertook both those things knowing there were no votes in it for them [Labor].

"I'm paying them a very fine compliment. They deserve that compliment," he said.

The big question last night was on Australia's political future and whether Katter had reached an agreement on a 20-point wish list of demands he had provided to both sides last week.

It did not appear the NBN alone would be enough to secure Katter nor the other independents' votes.

"Are there three votes [in projects like NBN for Labor]?" program host Tony Jones asked Katter, referring to the crucial support of the independents to form Government.

"No," Katter responded.

Katter said he hadn't made a decision at the time of the show but thought he'd "certainly be in a position to make a decision" today.

"Both sides have had their chances and they'll have to go on what they've put forward [to me]," he said.

A report by the Sydney Morning Herald has rumoured the other independents would also announce who they will back into Government today.

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Katter pays tribute to the "no vote" NBN
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