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In an age where the right information at the right time can make or break a deal, Australia's technology leaders rely on iTnews for their daily fix of accurate, up-to-the-minute news and analysis. 

Information and communications technology is the engine room of the modern business. Business leaders tell us they rely on iTnews to inform their technology strategy.

Australia's largest companies use iTnews to make business cases for technology investments, governments reflect on iTnews for policy decisions and those at the coalface use it to chart their careers. 

According to an iTnews' reader survey in 2008, 39 per cent of our readers identify themselves as C-Level executives, with most of the remainder being IT or sales and marketing professionals.

Over 70 per cent of surveyed readers said they play an important role in the ICT purchasing decisions of their organisation.

Our readers tell us they love the speed and convenience with which such crucial information is delivered - through the web, email, RSS, Twitter and on their mobile phones on the iTnews Mobile Edition.

Daily contributors include journalists with decades of experience writing for the likes of The Australian Financial Review and The Age - journalists who see iTnews as the means by which their stories are immediate and accessible.

The iTnews website is also an important hub for technology enthusiasts to discuss the issues that interest them. Few publications can boast such intimacy with its audience, connected via feedback comments and forums.

I look forward to the continual breaking of new ground at iTnews - delivering news and analysis in whatever format our loyal community of readers demand.

Brett Winterford




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