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Intel's new Xeon processors take aim at big data 
Intel kicks off new distributed computing campaign 
By Shaun Nichols | Aug 4, 2009 | Comment Now 
Power Thru Processors lets users donate CPU power.
AMD offers discounts on Opteron upgrades 
By Daniel Robinson | Apr 8, 2009 | Comment Now 
AMD has announced an upgrade program that lets partners and customers swap older Opteron processors inside systems for newer ones at a discounted price, offering a performance ...
Intel sheds light on low-power transistors 
By Shaun Nichols | Apr 4, 2009 | Comment Now 
Researchers at Intel are coming forward with a new process which could cut the power consumption for transistors.
Intel details technologies for future mobile devices 
By Daniel Robinson | Feb 6, 2009 | Comment Now 
Intel is to detail technologies it is developing for mobile devices at next week's International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), including system-on-a-chip (SoC) ...
Red Hat releases Enterprise Linux 5.3 
By Daniel Robinson | Jan 22, 2009 | Comment Now 
Red Hat has released the latest version of its corporate Linux distribution, offering enhanced support for virtualisation and an open source implementation of Sun Microsystems' ...
Intel: 32nm process is ready to go 
By Daniel Robinson | Dec 11, 2008 | Comment Now 
Intel has completed the development phase of its next-generation manufacturing process that will be used to make 32nm chips, and said it is on track for production in the ...
AMD brings Shanghai release date forward 
By Iain Thomson | Oct 2, 2008 | Comment Now 
AMD has said it is bringing forward the deployment of its Shanghai server processors to the end of this year.
Intel claims big bucks from low-power chips 
By Shaun Nichols | Sep 25, 2008 | Comment Now 
Intel is claiming that its Core line of processors has allowed for $2bn in savings since release.
Solaris gears up for new processors 
By Iain Thomson | Jul 9, 2008 | Comment Now 
Sun has confirmed that its Open Solaris operating system will be ready to use new features on the forthcoming Intel Nehalem processor range before it actually launches.
Intel unveils new high performance server processors 
Mar 26, 2008 | Comment Now 
Intel has unveiled two new low-voltage 45 nanometre (nm) processors for servers and workstations that the vendor claims can boost performance and reduce power consumption in ...
Intel spins out Atom processors 
Mar 4, 2008 | Comment Now 
Intel has officially unveiled its 'Atom' processors designed for mobile internet devices.
Graphics processors get integrated 
By Robert Jaques | Oct 26, 2007 | Comment Now 
A growing trend in PC design is the integration of graphics processors in chipsets, market watchers report..
AMD takes aim at low power processors 
By Tom Sanders | Jul 27, 2007 | Comment Now 
AMD is preparing to enter the low power and ultra low power processor space with the development of a new type of processor core dubbed "Bobcat".
Mobile application processors on the way out 
By Robert Jaques | Jun 28, 2007 | Comment Now 
US$4bn market in 2007 will begin to decline in two years.
Sun pulls up smoke screens around future processors 
By Tom Sanders | Mar 27, 2007 | Comment Now 
Positioning for upcoming APL and Rock processor lines remains unclear.
Intel unveils first 45nm processors 
By Tom Sanders | Jan 29, 2007 | Comment Now 
Penryn hailed as 'greatest semiconductor breakthrough in 40 years'.
Intel sticks to dual-die processors 
By Tom Sanders | Oct 24, 2006 | Comment Now 
Two packages on a chip will help AMD to regain chip lead.
New virus attacks AMD processors 
By Tom Sanders | Aug 29, 2006 | Comment Now 
Proof of concept code shows advanced attack vector.
Microsoft revamps licensing for virtual era 
By Fleur Doidge, Paula Rooney | Oct 11, 2005 | Comment Now 
Microsoft has announced plans to give virtualisation a lift, partly by easing its licensing demands around virtual servers and workloads running on Windows platforms.
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