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Backdoor trojan discovered stalking high-profile targets 
Nov 24, 2014 | Comment Now 
Compared to Duqu and Stuxnet.
US accused of hacking office of the French president 
'MiniFlame' found on high value machines 
By Danielle Walker | Oct 16, 2012 | Comment Now 
Backdoor deployed after Flame, Gauss infection.
#RSAC: Uni prof says Anonymous is 'like a noisy child' 
By Asavin Wattanajantra | Oct 11, 2012 | Comment Now 
Atari Teenage Riot frontman says Anonymous will be filled with a new wave of members.
Flame-related malware detected in the wild  
By Danielle Walker | Sep 18, 2012 | Comment Now 
Flame claims 10,000 victims.
Kaspersky crowdsources malware encryption cracks 
By Juha Saarinen | Aug 15, 2012 | Comment Now 
Hopes to open mystery payload.
Spy trojan steals audio, video, email, IM, keystrokes, from Windows, Mac and mobile 
By Darren Pauli | Jul 27, 2012 | Comment Now 
And it is the first trojan to use a Mac rootkit.
Messiah spy malware uncovered 
By Dan Kaplan | Jul 19, 2012 | Comment Now 
Code written in Persian.
Microsoft revokes certificates with fewer than 2048 bits 
By Dan Raywood | Jul 12, 2012 | Comment Now 
Kills insecure Windows gadgets.
Iran detects new 'massive cyber attack' 
Jun 25, 2012 | Comment Now 
As Flame's power grows.
US, Israel built Flame: Report 
By Darren Pauli | Jun 20, 2012 | Comment Now 
Sources say malware paved the way for Stuxnet.
US firms deploy hacking 'strike back' technology 
By Joseph Menn | Jun 18, 2012 | Comment Now 
Controversy brews over 'active defence'.
Microsoft revokes certificates used in Flame malware 
By Juha Saarinen | Jun 5, 2012 | Comment Now 
Windows 8 gets first security patch.
Flame signed with Microsoft certs 
By Darren Pauli | Jun 4, 2012 | Comment Now 
Redmond kills cert store, issues patch.
US a target for cyber attacks in Stuxnet fallout 
By Juha Saarinen | Jun 4, 2012 | Comment Now 
Anti-virus industry 'spectacularly failed'.
World's smallest banking trojan discovered 
By Dan Raywood | Jun 4, 2012 | Comment Now 
Pint sized malware packs a punch.
More cyber attacks for the US in Stuxnet fallout 
By Juha Saarinen | Jun 3, 2012 | Comment Now 
Anti-virus industry spectacularly failed.
Iran CERT fingers Flame for oil refinery attacks 
By Darren Pauli | May 30, 2012 | Comment Now 
Malware cut oil artery from the internet.
Download Iran CERT's Flame removal tool 
By Darren Pauli | May 29, 2012 | Comment Now 
Dangerous malware evaded 43 anti-virus tools.
Flame surveillance worm 'most complex threat ever' 
By Dan Raywood | May 29, 2012 | Comment Now 
Two-year rampage in Middle East.
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