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Dropbox beefs up sign-in security 
Aug 28, 2012 | Comment Now 
With optional two-factor authentication.
Are Australian execs laptop huggers? 
By Liam Tung | Jan 17, 2012 | Comment Now 
Survey says more so than US and Europe.
RSA appoints first CSO 
By Liam Tung | Jun 10, 2011 | Comment Now 
From company that alerted it to hack.
Phishing and Flash flaw bagged RSA 
By Liam Tung | Apr 4, 2011 | Comment Now 
RSA "don't eat own dog food".
Hackers breach RSA IT systems 
Mar 18, 2011 | Comment Now 
Data on two-factor tokens stolen.
Google (finally) gives everyone two-factor authentication 
By Liam Tung | Feb 11, 2011 | Comment Now 
Email security filters down from Google Apps.
Google launches two-factor service 
By Liam Tung | Sep 21, 2010 | Comment Now 
Brings it in-house.
Vasco signs second Australian distributor 
By Negar Salek | Oct 7, 2009 | Comment Now 
Deal to push Novell certified products.
US court rules that bank failed to protect customer against fraud 
By Dan Raywood | Sep 22, 2009 | Comment Now 
Could set precedent for banking sector.
CBA to expand two-factor authentication 
By Ry Crozier | Mar 11, 2009 | Comment Now 
The Commonwealth Bank wants to expand its NetCode two-factor authentication system out to its full customer base using SMS as the primary delivery mechanism.
No fear factor: How to make role management work for the enterprise 
By Deepak Taneja | Dec 3, 2008 | Comment Now 
There are three key objectives to keep in mind for determining the success of any roles-based access and identity management initiative, says Deepak Taneja.
The end of 'fear factor' marketing nowhere in sight 
Nov 12, 2007 | Comment Now 
The screaming headlines have been running for years. Whether they're in press releases about cybercrime exceeding international drug profits or the billions of dollars lost to ...
Deloitte: Human factor is No. 1 IT security issue 
By Jim Carr | Sep 21, 2007 | Comment Now 
The "human factor" — employees, customers, third parties and business partners — are the "greatest root cause of security breaches," according to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu's ...
Virus emails soar by a factor of 20 
By Robert Jaques | Feb 1, 2007 | Comment Now 
Experts warn of 'explosive growth' in cyber-fraud, theft, spam and viruses.
Human factor essential for IT security 
By Robert Jaques | Oct 27, 2006 | Comment Now 
Global enterprises need to focus more time on policies, processes and people rather than technology if they are to successfully secure IT infrastructures, a report claimed today.
Using events-per-second as a factor in selecting SEM tools 
By Roberto Angelino, | Oct 19, 2004 | Comment Now 
Events Per Second, or EPS, as it is commonly referred to in the world of network security, is a measurement that is used to convey how fast a network generates data from its ...
Chicago Bears roll out two factor authentication 
By Dan Ilett | Jun 1, 2004 | Comment Now 
Chicago Bears staff are using authentication keys to secure data.
Malware not a factor in Aug. 14 blackout 
By Marcia Savage | Apr 6, 2004 | Comment Now 
A report by a U.S.-Canadian task force concluded that malware did not cause or contribute to the Aug. 14 blackout last year.
The Human Factor 
By Jayne Parkhouse | Jan 19, 2004 | Comment Now 
Every month SC Magazine publishes product reviews, providing the latest information on the solutions available to secure your systems.
Information Security: Addressing the Human Factor 
By Steve Crutchley | Jan 16, 2004 | Comment Now 
Interest in information security is at unprecedented levels.
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