Agiliance RiskVision 6

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This is a good assessment and ticketing tool with a closed loop process and all new dashboarding, but the user interface is challenging.

Agiliance RiskVision v6.0 is a purpose-built GRC solution that brings together threat and vulnerability data, security configuration data, compliance requirements and risk assessments. The solution can be purchased as software, running on a Windows server platform or as a hosted solution. The offering typically deploys in 30 to 60 days.

RiskVision gathers data from security solutions, scanners and SIEM products and aggregates this data for use with risk modelling and compliance purposes. Data can be imported through a variety of out-of-the-box connectors or through a generic Microsoft Excel or XML connector/API function. RiskVision correlates this data against its "business-criticality aware" asset database, as well as its multiregulatory compliance framework of 50 standards and policies. This provides organizations with an aggregated view of their risk and compliance posture.

Once loaded, the application can pull role information from the directory. The user interface starts with a fully customizable base dashboard that provides a useful, high-level look into the user's current status/posture. RiskVision offers a closed-looped remediation solution via its own ticketing and exception processes, and also can link bi-directionally with third-party ticketing and patch management solutions. Further, RiskVision supports performance and risk metrics (KPI/KRI), risk registers, risk catalog and more than 300 audit-ready dashboards and reports.

The solution can define business risks correlated down to asset- and compliance-level details. The full workflow capability, including a useful audit trail feature, gives users the ability to visualize and manage the entire risk process. It delivers an easy-to-use, click-and-pick assessment creation tool, and provides clean trending and key risk indicator reports. The user interface (UI) is predominately a tree based navigation with standard web-based panes for the data.

New features include support for MySQL 5.1.41 or Oracle 11g, as well as simplified schema for easier custom reporting, enhanced searching capabilities, improved workflow and all new dashboarding.

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Agiliance RiskVision 6
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Has the components needed and is configurable and flexible, but will take some work to make it do everything desired.
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Version 6
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