IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager

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Great full-scale endpoint policy management and remediation, but the management console takes a bit of effort to get accustomed to.

The Tivoli Endpoint Manager from IBM may look quite familiar to some. This is because it is built on the BigFix platform that we have seen a few times in past reviews. This product features some very powerful functionality when it comes to policy and endpoint management. With this tool deployed, administrators can see real-time analysis of the endpoint state and the enforcement of policies against that state.

While powerful, this tool is not a complicated install or deployment. With that said, in large distributed environments there are a few extra steps that make deployment a little less straightforward, with additional non-dedicated relays needed for scalability. With our basic deployment installation and setup of the server software, it took just a few minutes, and we were all set. Once the installation of the server and components was complete, we were able to manage everything from a central console.

We found the console to be slightly overwhelming at first with a plethora of options and buttons, as well as a Fixlet section preloaded with all sorts of patches and updates. However, once we had some time to navigate around, we found this product to have a lot of power behind it. Beyond simple policy management that would just list what is out of compliance, this solution also can assist in remediation and ongoing endpoint management.

Documentation included several PDF guides, including installation, administrator and console operator manuals. We found all to be well-organized and easy to read with a good many screen shots, as well as detailed step-by-step configuration details.

IBM offers both no-cost phone and email support during business hours, as well as access to an online customer portal with product documentation and a user knowledge base. Customers can purchase additional support through an annual agreement.

At a price starting at about $39 per device, this tool can become quite pricey for very large environments.

With that said, we find Tivoli Endpoint Manager to be a good value for the money based on its comprehensive feature set and high deployment flexibility.

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IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager
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If you are a Tivoli or BigFix shop, give this one a very close look.
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