AVG may release security for Mac

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AVG may release a security offering for the Mac platform, according to a strategist at the company.

At a Sydney media briefing for the company's Internet Security 8.5 release, AVG's global security strategist Larry Bridwell mentioned that the company was looking at developing an Apple-focused security solution.

"There are several difficulties to be faced, such as whether there is even a market for it," said Bridwell.

"AVG is looking at the Mac issue, so keep your eyes posted."

Bridwell also turned his attention to wider security issues, including Internet Explorer 8's much-vaunted privacy feature.

"It's a good idea, but I don't think anybody will use it," he said, pointing out that that the privacy feature is off in the default settings and must be switched on every time the browser is opened.

Bridwell also stressed the need for greater public education on IT security issues, with the Internet now the medium of choice for global commerce.

"The Internet is no longer a novelty with people. People do bank online, people do shop online," he said.

The release of version 8.5 of their Internet Security suite is the first fruit borne from AVG's acquisition of identity theft prevention software developer Sana Security in January this year, with version 8.5 comprising an enhanced identity protection feature.


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