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Justin Warren is a management and marketing consultant with a background in data storage, software development and IT governance. After working in IT roles for the likes of Australia Post, Suncorp and Telstra, Justin undertook on an MBA from the Melbourne Business School to study the role of the marketing function in IT. He now consults, writes and speaks extensively about the subject, reviews enterprise technology solutions for iTnews and has also authored such research reports as "Designing Availability for the Cloud".

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VMware muscles in on storage startup in hyper-converged infrastructure.
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A checklist for the risk-conscious CIO.
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[Opinion] As virtualisation and networking tools converge, what skills will be in demand?
Pure offers modular approach to storage maintenance 
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Cloud-like model smooths out infrastructure spending.
Profiting from internal partnerships 
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Marketing and IT security: odd bedfellows?
Warmest 100 is back with new bag of tricks  
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How a plucky startup weathered the 2011 hard drive shortage.
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Amazon wants to replace your tape drives...with tape.
Marketing: The next IT frontier 
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Time for IT to hire marketing talent.
Is the data sovereignty argument bunk? 
Aug 20, 2013 | Comment Now 
Review: Cloud protection gateways.
Designing for Availability in the Cloud (2013) 
Jan 31, 2013 | Comment Now 
Revised Edition: How to ensure your cloud services stay online.
Warmest 100 even hotter than forecast 
Jan 26, 2013 | Comment Now 
How data analysis spoiled one of the world's largest song contests.
Nate Silver proves data analysis can pick presidents 
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Opinion: A big tick for big data?
End users agree on cloud infrastructure standard 
Nov 6, 2012 | Comment Now 
Opinion: Will cloud providers allow their services to be commodified?
Designing for availability in the cloud 
Dec 6, 2011 | Comment Now 
iTnews' blueprint to cloud resiliency.
Directors: Could your next IT glitch land you in court? 
Jul 1, 2011 | Comment Now 
Comment: Centro decision highlights directors' responsibilities.
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