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Watch your threats 
Nov 11, 2005 | Comment Now 
George Washington University needed to boost its vulnerability scanning in a mixed system environment. By Marcia Savage
Katrina demonstrates need for disaster recovery plans 
How visa made a safer internet 
Oct 21, 2005 | Comment Now 
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is making online payments safer for everyone. Marcia Savage talks to Visa’s risk guru
Safe as houses 
Oct 21, 2005 | Comment Now 
Listings systems are great for realtors. But the move to web-based apps has brought a greater need for security, reports Marcia Savage
Special Report - Katrina demonstrates need for disaster recovery plans 
Oct 10, 2005 | Comment Now 
Leaving in its wake immense destruction and huge financial impact, Hurricane Katrina reaffirmed the criticality of up-to-date disaster recovery plans to keep people safe and ...
Case Study - Safe as houses 
Oct 10, 2005 | Comment Now 
Bob Baucom, director of operations and technology at Consolidated Multiple Listing Service in Columbia, S.C., heard lots of horror stories from others in the real estate industry.
Malware targeting confidential data on the rise 
Sep 19, 2005 | Comment Now 
The internet saw an increase in malicious code that exposed confidential information as online criminals sought to make a profit, according to Symantec.
Citadel offers software warranty 
Sep 15, 2005 | Comment Now 
Citadel Security Software has teamed with an insurance company to offer a performance warranty for its Hercules vulnerability management product.
FBI investigating Hurricane Katrina online scams 
Sep 14, 2005 | Comment Now 
The FBI is investigating several reports of fraudulent sites pretending to be charitable organizations collecting money for victims of Hurricane Katrina.
Users likely to take more online risks at work than home 
Sep 13, 2005 | Comment Now 
Corporate users are more apt to click on suspicious links or visit suspicious web sites at work than home, according to a survey conducted by anti-virus supplier Trend Micro.
Microsoft pulls September patch for more testing 
Sep 13, 2005 | Comment Now 
Microsoft has pulled its plan to release one security bulletin this month to fix a critical flaw in Windows, saying more testing is needed.
CardSystems submits PCI compliance report 
Sep 8, 2005 | Comment Now 
Credit card processing company CardSystems is banking on an independent assessment validating its compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standard to ...
VoIP adoption helping drive security appliance market 
Sep 8, 2005 | Comment Now 
Many businesses implementing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) plan to replace their security appliances to address security issues associated with the emerging technology, ...
Cisco warns of flaw in its software 
Sep 8, 2005 | Comment Now 
Cisco Systems has issued an alert about a flaw in its Internetwork Operating System (IOS) software that could allow an attacker to launch a denial-of-service or execute remote ...
IM threats decline but grow in sophistication 
Sep 7, 2005 | Comment Now 
Threats to instant-messaging systems dropped 33 percent last month, according to Akonix Systems, a supplier of IM security products.
Symantec patches corporate anti-virus software 
Sep 7, 2005 | Comment Now 
Symantec has issued a patch for a flaw in its corporate anti-virus software that could allow an attacker to access a server.
Online scammers exploiting Katrina disaster 
Sep 1, 2005 | Comment Now 
Internet criminals wasted no time in exploiting the hurricane Katrina disaster, immediately orchestrating online donation scams and sending malicious email.
Companies lack resources to meet privacy requirements 
Aug 31, 2005 | Comment Now 
Companies believe keeping their customers' data private is critical to their brand image but many do not have the resources to manage increased privacy rules, according to a ...
Federal data mining not doing enough to protect privacy 
Aug 30, 2005 | Comment Now 
Data mining efforts at five federal agencies did not follow all rules for ensuring privacy of personal information, according to a recent report by the Government Accountability...
Portal provides free email sender reputation data 
Aug 29, 2005 | Comment Now 
CipherTrust has launched a new portal that provides data about email sender reputation by domain and IP address, free of charge.
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