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Taking the pain out of selecting a NAC vendor 
Sep 24, 2007 | Comment Now 
Controlling risk on a large network can be a daunting task, which is why it is no surprise that there are a maze of solutions for the problem, albeit with extremely divergent ...
Lost: Disk with personal information of 2.9 million US residents  
Apr 11, 2007 | Comment Now 
Georgia health officials reported today that a vendor working with the Georgia Department of Community Health is missing a disk containing the names, birth dates and Social ...
Storm worm strikes again on Easter claiming Iran attack   
Apr 11, 2007 | Comment Now 
Security researchers discovered a spate of new variants of the Storm worm making the rounds this weekend through emails reporting fictitious news of the United States attacking ...
VeriSign: Increased domain name fees for security 
Apr 10, 2007 | Comment Now 
VeriSign announced this week that it will raise registry domain name fees for .com and .net addresses by seven percent this October, per a December 2006 deal inked with the ...
Secunia reports Kaspersky vulnerabilities as highly critical 
Apr 10, 2007 | Comment Now 
Secunia yesterday released a highly critical advisory for multiple vulnerabilities in several Kaspersky Lab products that could allow remote attackers to access or steal files ...
Experts: Microsoft should consider change in patching process 
Apr 10, 2007 | Comment Now 
Several security experts criticised Microsoft this week for not releasing a fix earlier for the Windows ANI flaw, calling for the company to reassess the way it handles ...
Microsoft to release ANI patch a week early 
Apr 3, 2007 | Comment Now 
Microsoft announced on Sunday that it will release an out-of-band patch to fix a vulnerability in Windows Animated Cursor Handling (ANI) that some security experts are calling ...
Forty percent of companies report disruptions due to malware 
Apr 2, 2007 | Comment Now 
More than 40 percent of companies worldwide reported business disruptions due to malware to Webroot Software researchers, the company reported this week.
Microsoft denies claims of Xbox Live hacks 
Mar 26, 2007 | Comment Now 
Despite claims of Microsoft Xbox Live user account fraud, Redmond executives this week denied any major security breaches in its multiplayer gaming system.
Red Hat patch numerous OpenOffice flaws 
Mar 23, 2007 | Comment Now 
Debian released a patch to fix multiple vulnerabilities in OpenOffice that open up the users' systems to compromise, Secunia reported on Wednesday.
New Trojan compromises accounts from 300 organisations 
Mar 21, 2007 | Comment Now 
Three hundred companies and government organisations have been attacked by a new Trojan with multiple variants that gets around SSL protections, a researcher with SecureWorks ...
OpenBSD flaw exploits IPv6 weakness 
Mar 15, 2007 | Comment Now 
Researchers released an advisory today disclosing a remote kernel buffer overflow flaw in the OpenBSD operating system that they claim is the first exploitable IPv6 vulnerabilit...
Viacom sues Google and YouTube for $1.27bn 
Mar 14, 2007 | Comment Now 
Viacom officially lodged a US$1 billion lawsuit against Google and YouTube for copyright infringements, the media conglomerate announced today.
US$3m frozen after pump-and-dump hacking  
Mar 13, 2007 | Comment Now 
A US federal judge froze US$3 million in assets from a Latvian bank's US trading account accused of orchestrating what the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) is calling "a ...
Trojan Bayrob targets eBay users 
Mar 8, 2007 | Comment Now 
Symantec warned eBay users that a sophisticated Trojan is seeking to scam them with a man-in-the-middle attack.
McAfee names new president and CEO 
Mar 6, 2007 | Comment Now 
McAfee's board of directors named Dave DeWalt as McAfee's new chief executive officer and president, the company said today in a late-afternoon announcement.
Survey: Insiders are biggest threat to intellectual property 
Mar 6, 2007 | Comment Now 
A new survey has found that more than half of enterprises believe that the biggest threat to their sensitive information is through the action of malicious or negligent ...
New attack blends rootkits with HTML-injections to phish users on the fly 
Mar 5, 2007 | Comment Now 
An organised crime network is distributing new malware that takes advantage of rootkits and a state-of-the-art HTML injection to phish consumers on the fly as they browse the ...
Rinbot not as serious as CNN reports 
Mar 2, 2007 | Comment Now 
Security experts claimed that a CNNMoney report today on the latest strain of the Rinbot worm overhyped the destructive power of the malware.
PatchLink's Harris buy could help both companies 
Mar 2, 2007 | Comment Now 
PatchLink Corporation on Monday announced it has acquired the STAT Guardian Vulnerability Management Suite from Harris Corporation.
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