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Symantec IM Manager  
Dec 5, 2006 | Comment Now 
Symantec IM Manager offers instant messaging management and security with support for public IM networks and enterprise IM platforms including AOL, Jabber, IBM Lotus Instant ...
Check Point IM Security  
Nov 27, 2006 | Comment Now 
Part of the very popular endpoint security application developed by ZoneLabs, Check Point Integrity IM Security is billed as a solution that keeps instant messaging conversation...
Akonix A6000  
Nov 27, 2006 | Comment Now 
The Akonix A6000 appliance came as a rebadged Dell PowerEdge 850 box that uses AkOS, the supplier's own hardened operating system that was custom-developed on the Linux 2.6 kernel.
Enterprise Instant Messenger  
Nov 27, 2006 | Comment Now 
Enterprise Instant Messenger from MessageLabs is a comprehensive hosted security solution for IM. We were provided with a simple ten-user license evaluation version of the system.
MS Live Comms Server  
Nov 22, 2006 | Comment Now 
Perhaps the length of time it takes to install Live Communications Server 2005 (LCS 2005) reflects its complexity and the vast scope of its capabilities.
FaceTime Enterprise Edition  
Nov 22, 2006 | Comment Now 
Another rebadged Dell PowerEdge 850 rack-mountable 1U server, FaceTime RTG500 is aimed at the medium to large enterprise market.
Trend Micro IM Security  
Nov 22, 2006 | Comment Now 
Trend Micro's IM Security suite is designed to sit on top of a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 machine already running Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005. From the offset ...
Nov 1, 2006 | Comment Now 
Fortinet's FortiGate-500A-HD appliance is another 1U rack-mountable unit but, being half-depth, is smaller than some similar products. It's claim to fame is as a "multi-zone ...
GMS Instant Messaging  
Nov 1, 2006 | Comment Now 
Gordano Message Suite is a stable of products that includes email, anti-spam, anti-virus, instant messenger and collaboration tools. We opted to install the full suite, but ...
Critical data found on second-hand hard drives 
Aug 10, 2006 | Comment Now 
Organizations and individuals are still leaving critical data on disks later sold on through online auctions and computer fairs, according to a new study.
Nigerian email scam-master arrested 
Aug 7, 2006 | Comment Now 
Police in Nigeria have arrested the suspected ringleader of an email scam that stole up to $2 million.
Mobile storage devices a threat to business 
Aug 3, 2006 | Comment Now 
Businesses are at risk of data loss and theft because of bad management of mobile storage devices within organizations.
Wireless worms threaten laptop users 
Aug 2, 2006 | Comment Now 
Worms could travel through the airwaves and infect laptops, according to security experts.
NASA, military websites hacked in protest over Israeli bombings 
Aug 1, 2006 | Comment Now 
A number of U.S. government, military and university websites have been defaced in protest over the crisis in the Middle East.
Three-quarters of phish hit Paypal, Ebay 
Jul 31, 2006 | Comment Now 
Three-quarters of the net's phishing attacks target eBay and Paypal users, according to new findings.
Marshal: Europe responsible for most spam 
Jul 28, 2006 | Comment Now 
Europe is the most prolific source of spam, according to new research from email security vendor Marshal.
Man charged over medical college database theft 
Jul 25, 2006 | Comment Now 
A 46-year-old man has been charged with stealing the membership database held at the American College of Physicians (ACP) in Philadelphia.
Ransomware getting harder to decrypt 
Jul 24, 2006 | Comment Now 
Ransomware is becoming more complex, and anti-virus companies are worried they may not be able to decrypt ransomed files, according to a new report.
New email scam claims AIDS cure 
Jul 21, 2006 | Comment Now 
In-boxes are being plagued by thousands of messages related to an email scam that attempts to fool people into believing that the sender has found a cure to AIDS.
U.K. moves to ban hackers from internet 
Jul 20, 2006 | Comment Now 
The U.K.'s Home Office is planning broad powers to ban hackers from using the internet.
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