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Why the modern notebook needs to be versatile, for both work and play


If you regularly work from home, your choice of notebook computer is important – in more ways than you may realise.

Consider how productive you are at home. Research indicates some people are more productive when working from home, but this can lead to them burning out.

When considering this, you might consider the type of laptop computer you use – especially if you spend long hours using it.

Your computer’s performance is more important than ever

How people work is changing. For example, many people are now using real-time video communication for work and creating more pre-recorded video. Soon basic video editing skills will be seen as just as essential as PowerPoint and Excel skills.

Other common creative skills that are becoming more valued in the workplace include digital art creation, Photoshop image manipulation and sound recording and mixing.

These tools are all demanding of your computer’s processor, which is why MSI’s new notebook range has been developed to be able to meet and exceed those demands. It boasts a 30 per cent performance upgrade over previous models, and includes MSI-exclusive features such as “Discrete Graphics Mode,” for improved performance when running graphics-intensive applications.

Additionally, our new notebooks have PCIe Gen4, Thunderbolt 4 and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity options, which can make them faster when connected to the Internet. That can be incredibly useful when you are making heavy use of video conferencing and cloud networking.

You may think that gaming notebooks have a single purpose and aren’t applicable to work. The reality is that as work involves more audio and video, a wide range of roles benefit from the features found in gaming notebooks.

Preventing burn-out by having fun

Of course, gaming notebooks are also very good at playing games. That is worth considering when you think about how you will break up remote work with play.

When the barrier between work and home life is removed, it’s not unusual to find people working late at night or into the weekend. This can contribute to burn out –some countries have even introduced “right to disconnect” laws to try to minimise the emails from bosses arriving at midnight on a Saturday night.

Being able to take breaks and unwind is important to productivity and the quality of work. Of course, having breaks from your computer is one way to stop work. Using your computer for entertainment is another. And rather than juggling multiple computers, you can use a gaming notebook to consolidate work and entertainment.

After completing a task, you might unwind and reset briefly by playing a game, before taking up the next task. Or, you might prefer to use your lunch break to play a round or two of a game online. Games can also help to reduce the feeling of isolation and disconnection between professionals and their teams – gaming colleagues might get together for a game online when Friday afternoon drinks and pizza is no longer an option.

MSI’s notebooks are more than capable your professional work, but they also shift roles as seamlessly as your work-life balance requires. Features such as True Pixel QHD+ and Mini LED displays provide clear and high quality images that are as useful to games and films as to building a PowerPoint deck.

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Aesthetics matter

An aesthetically pleasing workplace might be more important than you think. As noted in a scholarly article from 2019: “Results suggest that together, the need for an aesthetically pleasing workplace and general mindfulness affect employees’ work attitudes.”

Businesses increasingly invest in making office spaces that are practical and aesthetically pleasing. And people setting up a home office are often encouraged to make sure the space is aesthetically pleasing.

This applies to the technology you use. We customise the desktop backgrounds on our computers for this reason; to improve the aesthetic value of them. So it makes sense to apply the same approach to the computer you use.

This has led MSI to develop a “Tech meets Aesthetic” line of notebooks. For example, the Creator Z16 features a 16:10 display with thin bezels inspired by the Golden Ratio – a mathematical ratio that has been used in aesthetics for everything from architecture to framing our understanding of facial beauty.

Our GE76 and 66 Raider notebooks have been designed to appeal to gamers, with a mystic light bar taken right out of science fiction. While our GS76 and 66 Stealth notebooks are designed with lightweight power and a chic, stylish black profile.

Perhaps most aesthetically dynamic of all are two devices we collaborated with well-regarded artists to create. The Pulse GL76 and 66 were designed by the 2018 ZBrush World Competition champion, Maarten Verhoeven, while the Sword 17 and 15, and Katana GF76 and 66, and were designed by Japanese illustrator Tsuyoshi Nagano, the artist behind the character designs in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms video game series.

Our approach is not just about performance on the table, but rather, renewing our dedication to artistry and building on the experience of using modern computers.

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Work and life

Modern professionals benefit from having technology that is versatile, powerful and enjoyable to use. Work is becoming increasingly digitised and media-rich, and as that trend accelerates, the need for fast, powerful computing becomes greater.

At the same time, the boundaries between work and personal life are being blurred. So, it is important that the technology used for work can provide the kind of entertainment and mental “breaks” that prevent burnout.

Finally, many people want to make their working experience their own, with control over the aesthetics of the space and the equipment.

MSI’s new notebooks feature new levels of power, tuned towards the entertainment and gaming, and are aesthetically appealing. They also provide you with the tools you need to make the most of your hybrid working lifestyle.

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