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As the global leader in cloud and data protection, we help the most trusted brands and largest organisations in the world protect their most sensitive data, secure the cloud and achieve compliance through our industry-leading data encryption and access management solutions

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Brian Grant

A/NZ Regional Director
Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands


Andrew Younger

Manager Security Consultants
Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands


Erick Reyes

Regional Sales Manager




An Anchor of Trust in a Digital World

This Stratecast Analyst whitepaper introduces Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and describe the attributes that position HSMs as a key component in digital information risk management

Securing the DevOps Lifecycle with Continuous Trust

This whitepaper by Farallon Technology Group discusses how to ensure the trustworthiness of code, finished software, and data throughout the DevOps lifecycle

The Key Pillars for Protecting Sensitive Data in Any Organization

This white paper outlines the challenges of data security in this age of data proliferation and provides strategies to discover and classify critical data and apply data-centric security to it

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