+ Parliament hack prompted mass govt cyber sec uplift; NSW digital driver's licences go live; ACSC issues national Trojan alert; and much more

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Tuesday October 29, 2019

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Win10 patch hobbles access to Border Force's ageing ICS customs platform

By Julian Bajkowski

Users forced to uninstall and air gap because of Explorer dependency.

Parliament hack prompted mass govt cyber security uplift

By Justin Hendry

ASD steps in to uplift 25 agencies.

NSW digital driver's licences go live

By Justin Hendry

Quietly becomes available statewide.

ACSC issues national alert over trojan linked to Vic Health attack

By Julian Bajkowski

Gone phishing for the weekend.

Govt told to rewrite facial recognition bills

By Justin Hendry

Lacking detail and privacy protections.

ACSC pinged by spy watchdog over encryption certification complaint

By Julian Bajkowski

IGIS offers lessons on "appropriate management of unreasonable conduct".

Digital ID laws needed before bank, state govt buy-in: DTA

By Justin Hendry

Decentralised identity model can't progress without.

Human Services takes aim at infosec compliance battle

By Ry Crozier

More revisions means more risk decisions.

Seized cryptocurrency makes a pretty penny for AFP

By Julian Bajkowski

Uncooperative gun runner forfeits big windfall.

FCC to vote to bar Huawei, ZTE from government subsidy program

By David Shepardson

November vote to designate Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp national security risks.

Optus snafu prints 50k private mobile numbers in White Pages

By Julian Bajkowski

Monitor stands across Australia hit by privacy breach.

Russian "Fancy Bear" hackers prowl sports anti-doping agencies

By Juha Saarinen

Warming up for Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

Pentagon deal to boost Microsoft's position in cloud computing - analysts

By Staff Writer

AWS grip on the cloud market could be threatened by new Microsoft deal.

Russia dismisses hacking reports as 'unsavoury'

By Staff Writer

Disputes claims its hackers piggybacked on an Iranian cyber-espionage operation.

US senators ask FTC to probe Amazon over Capital One hack

By Staff Writers

Allege vendor "continues to sell defective cloud computing services", want it to pay.

Microsoft boosts bug bounties for sign-on services

By Juha Saarinen

Faster, simpler, higher awards.

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CBA prompts 600,000 customers to spend unused credit card points

Netflix model for NSW transport nears with new Opal digital account

Microsoft pegs Australian Azure prices to US dollar

NBN Co redirects $200m wireless capex into HFC, FTTC

NSW digital driver's licences go live

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