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 Computer Associates narrows earnings, revenue forecasts
 AMD debuts low-power laptop Athlons
 Microsoft revises Longhorn graphics requirements
 Developing the heart of disposable computers
 Sun opens RFID test centre
Computer Associates narrows earnings, revenue forecasts
Computer Associates International this week narrowed its revenue forecasts for the fourth quarter, and delayed the release of its final financial results by up to two weeks. More...

AMD debuts low-power laptop Athlons
Advanced Micro Devices has introduced a pair of low-power Athlon 64-bit chips for the laptop market. More...

Microsoft revises Longhorn graphics requirements
Although Microsoft didn't announce general hardware requirements for Longhorn as expected at WinHEC 2004 trade show this week, company representatives did reveal that the graphics-card requirements for the upcoming system have changed since Microsoft first revealed them at WinHEC 2003. More...

Developing the heart of disposable computers
The firm developing a tiny disposable computer has an agreement with a Taiwan semiconductor company to mass produce the ASIC at the heart of the throwaway product that can collect, process, and exchange several pages of encrypted data. More...

Sun opens RFID test centre
Sun Microsystems this week opened a facility in the US where it will work with product vendors to test Radio Frequency Identification compliance and deployment. More...

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