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 Feds to dump $308M into IT
 Fuji-Xerox seizes $2m in counterfeit gear
 Better broadband access?
 Microsoft shelves NGSCB project
 Veritas unveils roadmap for app performance software
 NetGear reports sales up 31 percent
Feds to dump $308M into IT
The Federal Government has announced it would dump $308 million into Australia’s IT industry as part of its $5.3 million 'Backing Australia’s Ability' package. More...

Fuji-Xerox seizes $2m in counterfeit gear
Printer vendor Fuji-Xerox, in conjunction with an Australian covert operator, has seized $2 million worth of counterfeit toner cartridges in Hong Kong, bound for Canada. More...

Better broadband access?
The Australian Communications Authority has registered an industry code, designed to give consumers better access to broadband services through local phone lines. More...

Microsoft shelves NGSCB project
After a year of tackling the Windows security nightmare, Microsoft has killed its NGSCB project and later this year plans to detail a revised security plan for Longhorn, the next major version of Windows, company executives said. More...

Veritas unveils roadmap for app performance software
Veritas Software this week unveiled its roadmap for its suite of application performance management software. More...

NetGear reports sales up 31 percent
NetGear has reported first quarter sales that climbed 31 percent over last year, bolstered by the introduction of a dozen new products during the quarter. More...

AJB awards CeBIT Winners
Business forecasting, ageless aerospace vehicles, analysis of human-computer interaction and eye-popping 3D virtual reality systems -- the solutions of Mondelio, the CSIRO, code&data and VR Solutions, were announced winners of the inaugural AJB Publishing CeBIT Awards yesterday.
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