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Google offers scientists epic computing power 
By Tom Brewster | Apr 11, 2011 | Comment Now 
One billion computing hours.
Analysts: Software piracy may have peaked 
By Liz Tay | May 12, 2010 | Comment Now 
IDC finds slight fall in piracy in Australia.
Malware hidden in English language text 
By Robert Blincoe | Dec 1, 2009 | Comment Now 
How hackers could evade antivirus protection.
Brocade up for sale, say reports 
By Dave Bailey | Oct 6, 2009 | Comment Now 
Rumours swirl around switch vendor.
Scientists to scale up quantum data breakthrough 
By Ry Crozier | Jun 23, 2009 | Comment Now 
Another decade before commercial products are on the market.
Scientists explore magnetic properties of semiconductors 
By Sylvie Barak | Nov 28, 2008 | Comment Now 
Some specially built semiconductors have been found to display important magnetic properties which could lead to the development of smaller, faster gadgets.
Scientists claim warp drive is technically possible 
By Iain Thomson | Jul 30, 2008 | Comment Now 
A research paper has suggested that a warp drive capable of moving a craft at faster than light speed could indeed be possible.
US boffins tout personal identity verification 
By Robert Jaques | Jul 15, 2008 | Comment Now 
US engineers have developed software that can be used with Windows and Linux systems to perform log-ins, digital signing and verification.
German scientists develop bionic eye 
By Robert Jaques | Jun 3, 2008 | Comment Now 
German researchers today reported that a 12-year project to develop a wireless implant that can restore vision to the blind has been successful..
Scientists turbocharge electrons with graphene 
By Robert Jaques | Mar 27, 2008 | Comment Now 
Physicists at the University of Maryland have turbocharged electrons by passing them through a revolutionary material dubbed graphene..
Scientists crack room temperature superconductors 
By Iain Thomson | Mar 25, 2008 | Comment Now 
Scientists have created a new substance that will superconduct at room temperature, but only under high pressure..
Online users abound, but Aussie eBusiness needs growth 
By Liz Tay | Mar 4, 2008 | Comment Now 
Gone are the days of physical shopping excursions; the Internet is the shopping mall of the future according to online retail comparison site Getprice.
"Goolag" search-scan tool unlikely to spawn wave of attacks 
By Jack Rogers | Feb 26, 2008 | Comment Now 
A new tool that uses the Google search engine to scan websites for vulnerabilities -- released last week by the flamboyant Texas-based hacking consortium known as Cult of the ...
Scientists generate 'hydrogen on demand' 
By Robert Jaques | Aug 29, 2007 | Comment Now 
US scientists have developed a technique to produce 'hydrogen on demand' to act as a pollution-free energy source for vehicles and other engine-powered devices.
Mobile broadband users to pass 1bn by 2012 say analysts 
Aug 10, 2007 | Comment Now 
HSPA earmarked as dominant technology for now.
Scientists crack levitation 
By Iain Thomson | Aug 7, 2007 | Comment Now 
Now where's my flying car? Scientists in Scotland have found a way to levitate small objects by reversing naturally occurring forces.
Poll: Voters say ‘no’ to politicians on YouTube 
Aug 3, 2007 | Comment Now 
Politicians using YouTube videos as campaigning tools are not drawing the interest of Australian voters according to an iTNews.com.au poll.
Mobile email will eventually kill SMS say analysts 
Jul 31, 2007 | Comment Now 
There will be 350 million business and consumer users with access to wireless email by 2010, according to analyst firm Gartner, equating to 20 percent of all email accounts.
Beware fake Microsoft security advisories 
By Frank Washkuch | Jun 12, 2007 | Comment Now 
Windows users are being warned of fake Microsoft security advisories that actually link to a malicious website.
Image spam levels fluctuating, say vendors 
By Frank Washkuch | May 8, 2007 | Comment Now 
The most recent monthly spam report from Symantec saw a decrease in image spam — a technique using embedded images to bypass phishing filters — that had been growing in ...
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