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Anonymous hacker Sabu walks free after aiding FBI 
May 28, 2014 | Comment Now 
Judge praises 'extraordinary' co-operation.
US Govt proposes seven month sentence for LulzSec hacker 
By Juha Saarinen | May 26, 2014 | Comment Now 
Sabu rewarded for turning FBI informant.
Hacktivist Hammond sentenced to 10 years for Stratfor breach 
By Danielle Walker | Nov 17, 2013 | Comment Now 
Follows a year and a half in solitary confinement.
LulzSec hacker Sabu's sentencing delayed 
By Dan Kaplan | Aug 26, 2013 | Comment Now 
Snitching hacker accused of 'facilitating hacking'.
LulzSec Sony Pictures hacker jailed, cops huge fine 
By Adam Greenberg | Aug 13, 2013 | Comment Now 
Faces a year of house arrest.
Accused NSW hacker's hearing postponed 
By Allie Coyne | Aug 6, 2013 | Comment Now 
Log file analysis sets case timeline back.
LulzSec Hammond sentencing delayed two months 
By Dan Kaplan | Jul 29, 2013 | Comment Now 
Sentencing delayed until 15 November.
LulzSec hacker Hammond pleads guilty to Stratfor hack 
LulzSec hackers get jail time in the UK 
May 17, 2013 | Comment Now 
Defendants pay for $20m hit to Sony.
LulzSec hackers sentenced between one to three years, accessory to 32 months 
Sentencing begins for London LulzSec four 
By Danielle Walker | May 16, 2013 | Comment Now 
Charged for DDoS attacks against CIA, Sony and Nintendo.
AFP arrest casts a pall over InfoSec industry 
By Brett Winterford | Apr 29, 2013 | Comment Now 
Who can you trust for IT security?
Arrested LulzSec hacker: he's one of us 
By Allie Coyne, Darren Pauli | Apr 24, 2013 | Comment Now 
AFP scalps hacker 'leader' inside Australia's IT ranks.
LulzSec 'leader' arrested in Sydney 
By Darren Pauli | Apr 24, 2013 | Comment Now 
Updated: Hacker a Sydney-based penetration tester.
Three LulzSec members plead guilty 
By Dan Kaplan | Apr 10, 2013 | Comment Now 
Hacking spree confessed.
Lulzsec hacker pleads guilty in UK court 
Sabu sentence delayed 
By Dan Kaplan | Feb 25, 2013 | Comment Now 
Hammond awaits trial with same judge.
Second LulzSec member pleads guilty to Sony Pictures hack 
By Dan Kaplan | Oct 15, 2012 | Comment Now 
Hacker expected to receive lighter sentence.
Another former LulzSec member charged with Sony Pictures attack 
By Dan Raywood | Aug 30, 2012 | Comment Now 
An Arizona man, alleged to have been part of the hacktivist group LulzSec, has been charged with conspiracy and unauthorised impairment of a protected computer in the US.
Feds give LulzSec leader 'Sabu' six-month sentencing reprieve  
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