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VMware in court battle with Linux kernel dev over copyright 
By Juha Saarinen | Mar 7, 2015 | Comment Now 
Allegedly failed to distribute source code.
NICTA open sources seL4 secure OS 
By Juha Saarinen | Jul 29, 2014 | Comment Now 
Released under GPL v2.
Oracle faces US$100 million lawsuit 
By Tom Brewster | Jan 12, 2011 | Comment Now 
Passlogix acquisition trouble.
SUSE safe from Novell patent sale: Linux Australia 
By Liz Tay | Nov 23, 2010 | Comment Now 
Novell to sell 882 patents to Microsoft.
Telstra questioned over GPL compliance 
By Liz Tay | Nov 8, 2010 | Comment Now 
T-Hub device may violate open source license.
Google's Schmidt faces Colbert on privacy 
By Liam Tung | Sep 24, 2010 | Comment Now 
Blame computers, not Google.
Student faces jail after Palin email hack conviction 
By Iain Thomson | May 4, 2010 | Comment Now 
Faces 20 year sentence for guessing password.
Yahoo faces showdown with US govt over email access 
By Shaun Nichols | Apr 16, 2010 | Comment Now 
Company goes to court to protect user privacy.
Corporates wary of General Public Licence terms 
By Iain Thomson | Oct 8, 2009 | Comment Now 
Companies want assurance against legal action.
Microsoft may have been forced into GPL release 
By Iain Thomson | Jul 24, 2009 | Comment Now 
Commitment to open source less than first thought.
Microsoft releases code under GPL 
By Iain Thomson | Jul 21, 2009 | Comment Now 
U-turn at Redmond.
Student pleads not guilty to Sarah Palin email exposure 
By Iain Thomson | Mar 11, 2009 | Comment Now 
A 21 year old student faces twenty years in prison for accessing Sarah Palin’s email account and publishing what he found.
Week in review: Free as in speech 
By Ry Crozier | Dec 13, 2008 | Comment Now 
It seems this past week was one of either taking or handing out liberties as more ISPs freed ABC iView from download quotas, Cybersource made the case for free software in the ...
Patched Opera browser faces new vulnerability 
By Angela Moscaritolo | Oct 30, 2008 | Comment Now 
Security researchers have already discovered security vulnerability in Opera Software's 9.61 browser version that was released last week.
EMC faces cloud computing 'frienemies' 
By Liz Tay | Jul 28, 2008 | Comment Now 
As some of the fog surrounding the elusive cloud computing phenomenon evaporates, vendors are fast moving into the emerging territory.
Red faces at Daily Mail after data loss 
By Iain Thomson | Jul 9, 2008 | Comment Now 
Daily Mail, which has spent months lambasting the UK government on data security, has itself lost a laptop containing the personal information of staff.
Facebook faces accusations of 22 privacy violations 
By Richard Thurston | Jun 5, 2008 | Comment Now 
The social networking site has been hit by a legal complaint that claims it has failed to gain users' permission to distribute their information.
RIAA faces lawsuits from artists 
By Iain Thomson | Mar 3, 2008 | Comment Now 
The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is facing the possibility of legal action from artists who claim to have received no money from the settlement of peer-to-pe...
Intel faces increasing competitive threats 
By Robert Jaques | Feb 29, 2008 | Comment Now 
Intel will face increasingly fierce competition over the coming years as it moves into new markets, new research predicts..
Microsoft faces legal challenge to 'spy' software 
By Iain Thomson | Jan 21, 2008 | Comment Now 
Microsoft's pending patent for employee monitoring via computer could fall foul of the law, according to top lawyers..
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