DEADLY NINJA Stuxnet the first to attack Iran nuclear plant 
By Darren Pauli | Nov 22, 2013 | Comment Now 
Copycat weapons not limited to nation-states, boffin says.
Critical flaws found in Brisbane traffic systems 
By Paris Cowan | Nov 20, 2013 | Comment Now 
Failures found ahead of G20 Summit.
A government approach to Huawei the world can follow 
By Alastair MacGibbon | Jul 11, 2013 | Comment Now 
Opinion: Australia offers a model for all.
EU to strengthen penalties for cyber attacks 
Jul 5, 2013 | Comment Now 
Focuses on critical infrastructure.
Hacker raids Aunty, dumps 44,560 email addresses  
By Darren Pauli | Feb 27, 2013 | Comment Now 
Old website confirmed hacked.
Espionage hackers traced to Shanghai building 
By Darren Pauli | Feb 22, 2013 | Comment Now 
Hacker group just one of 25.
Chinese VXer malware spreads via BitTorrent 
By Darren Pauli | Feb 21, 2013 | Comment Now 
Analysts match samples.
Report traces espionage hackers to Shanghai building 
By Darren Pauli | Feb 20, 2013 | Comment Now 
But researcher says hacker group just one of 25.
51 critical infrastructure organisations breach in 2012: report 
Hacktivists suspend US bank DDoS campaign 
By Danielle Walker | Jan 30, 2013 | Comment Now 
Innocence of Muslims pulled offline.
Oil giant Saudi Aramco recovers from computer virus 
US warns of hole in control system routers 
By Juha Saarinen | Aug 24, 2012 | Comment Now 
Power plants, railway switches at risk.
US critical infrastructure security bill likely dead 
By Dan Kaplan | Aug 3, 2012 | Comment Now 
Critical infrastructure security bill too much of a burden on business.
AusCERT2012: Anti-virus a SCADA kill switch   
By Darren Pauli | May 16, 2012 | Comment Now 
Can't build Stuxnet? Crack the operating system.
US gas companies under siege, DHS warns 
By Dan Kaplan | May 8, 2012 | Comment Now 
Sustained attack proving difficult to quell.
Former hackers protect NSW's critical infrastructure 
By Darren Pauli | Apr 23, 2012 | Comment Now 
State government contractor turns black hats white.
Imported hackers protect NSW's critical infrastructure 
By Darren Pauli | Apr 17, 2012 | Comment Now 
State government contractor turns black hats white.
US critical infrastructure orgs to share data under bill 
By Stephen Lawton | Feb 17, 2012 | Comment Now 
But concerns raised that shared data could be used to prosecute "any crime”.
Indian hackers claim US Government login list 
By Darren Pauli | Jan 16, 2012 | Comment Now 
Hackers continue strike on the Indian Government after stealing Symantec source code.
US Govt probes infosec gaps in power grid 
By Stephen Lawton | Jan 10, 2012 | Comment Now 
US states in charge during cyber attacks.
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