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Stanford researchers develop full-duplex wireless 
By Liam Tung | Feb 23, 2011 | Comment Now 
Three antennas to cancel noise.
German government considers voluntary data protection code 
By Dan Raywood | Sep 22, 2010 | Comment Now 
Nation prepares for Street View roll-out.
'Old-new' Windows vulnerability discovered 
By Dan Raywood | Aug 24, 2010 | Comment Now 
200 apps possibly affected.
Microsoft classifies Win32k.sys vulnerability as a low grade threat 
Oracle gets more time to defend Sun buy 
By Rosalie Marshall | Nov 23, 2009 | Comment Now 
Six more days to develop arguments.
Tesco to develop iPhone shopping application 
By Bryan Glick | Aug 29, 2009 | Comment Now 
Do the "basics of grocery shopping" on the move.
Analysis: How secure is an optical-fibre network? 
By Dave Bailey | Aug 7, 2009 | Comment Now 
What IT leaders should consider.
How to succeed as an interim IT manager  
By Simon Berry | Jun 19, 2009 | Comment Now 
Working on a short-term contract can be challenging.
Researchers race to develop faster, cheaper, greener storage 
By Dave Bailey | Apr 7, 2009 | Comment Now 
Researchers at IBM have developed a new form of memory that could herald a cheaper, faster, more reliable type of solid state memory.
Researchers develop microrefrigerator on a chip 
By Sylvie Barak | Jan 27, 2009 | Comment Now 
Researchers from Arizona State University have demonstrated a microrefrigerator which effectively cools a PC system by targeting specific chip hot spots.
Microsoft claims document interoperability improvements 
By David Neal | Dec 5, 2008 | Comment Now 
Microsoft said that document interoperability efforts are steadily improving, and that a recent Document Interoperability Initiative (DII) event it held in Belgium has ...
Effective Data Loss Prevention in an SSL World 
By Wayne Neich | Oct 17, 2008 | Comment Now 
Today, businesses are increasingly moving to SSL-encrypted traffic on their network for greater security and data protection.
Weekly Roundup: The NBN seems further away and an astronaut outs aliens on heavy metal radio 
Jul 26, 2008 | Comment Now 
New setbacks arose this week for the national broadband network (NBN). In other news, a former astronaut claimed aliens have been to Earth during a radio interview.
Japanese boffins develop long-life Flash 
By Simon Burns | Jul 15, 2008 | Comment Now 
Flash memory chips with a potential lifetime of hundreds of years have been developed by Japanese scientists.
Green IT failing to have an impact 
By Clement James | Jul 11, 2008 | Comment Now 
UK businesses which have implemented green IT policies are seeing average energy savings of just 10 per cent, according to research released this week.
"The knives are out" : Telstra's take on the NBN 
By Lilia Guan | Jul 4, 2008 | Comment Now 
Telstra has hit out at its critics with claims that the release of the National Broadband Network (NBN) regulatory submissions has lifted the veil to reveal a unified attack on ...
German scientists develop bionic eye 
By Robert Jaques | Jun 3, 2008 | Comment Now 
German researchers today reported that a 12-year project to develop a wireless implant that can restore vision to the blind has been successful..
Telcos failing to develop IP strategy 
Jun 3, 2008 | Comment Now 
The continuing rise of IP-based services is one of the biggest concerns for global telecoms executives, according to research by VoIP provider Jajah..
ITC makes Vint Cerf an Honorary Freeman 
Apr 21, 2008 | Comment Now 
Vint Cerf, considered by many to be the 'father of the internet', has been made an Honorary Freeman by the Information Technologists' Company (ITC)..
An odd couple or a perfect match?  
By Phil Muncaster | Feb 27, 2008 | Comment Now 
Industry experts have voiced a wide range of opinions on the potential acquisition of web search and online marketing firm Yahoo by Microsoft.
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