Why Samsung's N110 is our new A-List netbook


Superb build quality, battery life and usability – quite simply the best netbook around

Improving on the already superb NC10 must have been a challenge, but the stunning N110 manages to do just that.

In all honesty, though, the N110 is more of an evolutionary step than a total redesign. The chrome strip around the edge has been replaced by an understated maroon flourish, and the whole chassis looks slimmer.

It's surprising to find, however, that it isn't. The tapered edges and more rounded corners give the impression that the N110 has been to the gym, but in fact its dimensions are very similar to those of the NC10.

With the visual makeover comes improved build quality, which is all the more impressive as Samsung has shaved 50g off the weight of the NC10 to leave the N110 at a manageable 1.26kg.

The changes don't stop there. Although purists might bemoan the decision to swap the NC10's matte display for a more reflective glossy one, the image quality speaks for itself. With high brightness and great colour reproduction - the NC10's grainy quality a now distant memory - the N110's screen has the measure of every other netbook on test.

Audio quality is a similar pleasure: while the NC10's speakers are a touch tinny and disappointing, the N110 makes amends with a set that ensures music playback is a far more enjoyable experience.

The keyboard is as fantastic as ever, with a superb layout and a wonderful feel. The trackpad is a little taller and wider, and the slightly more accessible buttons improve matters too.

Battery life doesn't throw up any surprises, at least not any unpleasant ones. With 11hrs 8mins endurance, this is one netbook that's perfect for even the longest of flights.

It's price, too will win over more potential admirers, and the N110 is worth every cent. Compared to the Samsung NC10, the N110 improves in almost every area.

A superb keyboard, fantastic display and great build quality put the Samsung right at the front of the pack. It beats rival Asus' 1005HA for sheer value for money, and if quality is paramount, it's doubly a winner.

Why Samsung's N110 is our new A-List netbook
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