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The Lieberman Software Enterprise Random Pass­word Manager is a full-on password manager and randomiser for local and domain accounts throughout the enterprise.

The Lieberman Software Enterprise Random Pass­word Manager is a full-on password manager and randomiser for local and domain accounts throughout the enterprise.

With little effort from the administra­tor, this product can seek out and change all passwords, including system service accounts. This provides solid security across the entire environment.

We found this product to be a quick and easy install once we had the prerequisites of a SQL server and IIS web server in place. The actual install is guided by an intuitive setup wizard, which configures most of the environment variables. Once setup is complete, the target sys­tems are easily added and pass­word jobs are created.

We found the web-based portal simple to work with as well. The navigation is intuitive and the interface is well organised.

This product can integrate with many platforms across the envi­ronment, including Windows, UNIX, Linux, SQL, MySQL, Oracle and Cisco IOS accounts, as well as providing hardware-based FIPS 140-2 levels 2 and 3 encryption with any PKCS#11 hardware device.

This assures administrators that critical pass­words are kept secure and only accessible to authorized person­nel. Automation is also a big piece of this product. It automati­cally identifies, updates, stores and recovers every local and domain password.

Documentation comes as a single PDF user guide. This guide covers the entire product -- from prerequisite installation through configuring and using the prod­uct itself. We found this guide to be well detailed and easy to follow with many step-by-step instructions, confi guration exam­ples and screen shots.

Lieberman Software provides phone and email support for Enterprise Random Password Manager, as well as access to knowledge base articles and a user forum. Many of these sup­port options require the purchase of a support agreement, which can be obtained in one-, two- or three-year intervals.

With a price tag starting at US$25,000 for a base license of 500 workstations and devices, this tool is not a small investment, but based on its solid feature set and intuitive ease of use, we do find it to be a good value for the money.

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Lieberman Software Enterprise Random PM
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