AusCERT coming to your backyard

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Not your run of the mill infosec gig.

SC Magazine is excited to announce the first of a series of Security on the Move state-based conferences in partnership with AusCERT.

These events are not your run of the mill conferences: They are short, sharp and local.  

For our first Sydney event, held Thursday 24 November, you’ll hear speakers from NSW talk about issues that affect NSW, and make connections with security professionals from your backyard.

NSW Detective Inspector Bruce van der Graaf will discuss the problem of carding and online crime in NSW. Joining him will be eBay asset protection manager David Napper who will discuss how best to fight cross-border fraud from Australia to the Asia Pacific and beyond.

But bigger issues will not be dismissed. In our NSW event, security and legal eagle Alana Maurushat from the University of NSW will discuss if carte blanche powers are needed to remove botnet infections from user machines, without consent, and if such a move could be possible under Australian law.

AusCERT’s Graham Ingram will give his famous dauntless discussions on the thorns in Australian infosec, while his researchers will delve under the hood to offer technical insight. For Sydney, AusCERT’s Marco Ostini will discuss how to launch man-in-the-middle attacks against modern mobile phone networks.

All the speakers will also be on hand to answer your questions.

And as the event swings to Melbourne, you’ll hear from Victoria’s best and brightest. So it is for the other states as the SC bus treks around the country.

Be assured that at Security on the Move, you won’t experience the twilight zone phenomena that can crop up between hour-long conference soliloquies. That’s because speakers will present their fresh ideas within a 30-minute window.

Seats to this event will be filled quickly so head to our registration page to sign up.

If you live outside of NSW and have an issue, piece of research or case study you would like to discuss when the conference comes to you, then contact us.

We are excited to announce these events and look forward to seeing you there.

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AusCERT coming to your backyard
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