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News is one of the biggest drivers of internet use. People in the IT industry consistiently turn to the internet to keep in touch with national and world events.

Put the iTnews headlines on your website

iTnews offers a content syndication service which allows you to display the latest news headlines and summaries from our award winning site on your website or intranet. The news is updated throughout the day and you can receive as many news summaries as you like from 10 sections, including:



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Please include your name, company, site url and phone number in your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is content syndication?
  2. What are the benefits of content syndication?
  3. What options are there for displaying the content?
  4. What does it cost?
  5. Terms & Conditions
1. What is content syndication?

Content Syndication is the supply of material for reuse and integration with other material, sometimes through a paid service subscription.

The syndication service is XML based and is able to deliver headlines and standfirsts electronically directly to your website or intranet.

2. What are the benefits of content syndication?
  • Keep your site content current with up to date news.
  • Increase the "stickiness" of your site by providing up to the minute news, giving users reasons to come back.
  • Adding extra related content to your site at no cost to you.
  • Adding additional content in your newsletters.
3. What options are there for displaying the content?
  1. Directly to your site, in your look and feel.
    The syndication services allows you to display the latest news headlines, standfirst (optional) and the "posted" date from our award winning website on your site. You can choose to receive content from any or all of our 10 dedicated news sections.
  2. Place a small news widget on your site.
    The widget will be automatically updated throughout the day with news as it is posted by iTnews. This requires you to place a small piece of JavaScript on your site.
    Click here for more information on the iTnews Widget.
4. What does it cost?

The iTnews syndication service is free for all approved applicants.

5. Terms & Conditions

By applying for syndication services, you confirm your Agreement of these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply only to the access and use of the News summaries supplied by any nextmedia website.

This Agreement will commence on the date when we receive your completed News summaries Application Form and you will be accepted as an authorised partner.

  1. Definitions
    1. "Agreement" means the News summaries Application Form.
    2. "News summaries" means the story headline, author and a date when the story was posted on the iTnews website.
    3. "Authorised partner" means a company or an individual who was authorised to display the News summaries on its site.
    4. "Content" means the News summaries text or a small news ticker on your site.
    5. "End User" means any person who accesses the authorised website.
    6. "Links" means a direct HTML hypertext link from the headlines on the authorised website to the iTnews website. You are not eligible to redirect End Users to other servers.
    7. "iTnews Logo" means the logo provided by nextmedia.
  2. Licence
    • You are authorised by iTnews to reproduce the News summaries on your website as a part of the Agreement.
    • nextmedia is the supplier of the Intellectual Property Rights in the News summaries and it can not be sold by an authorised partner to any third party.
  3. Obligations
    • End Users must not have been charged any costs to access the News summaries on your website.
    • The News summaries can not be modified or amended by an authorised partner or by any third party.
    • You must not display any of the News summaries for more then 72 Hours.
  4. Termination
    • nextmedia can terminate the Agreement at any time in writing. The News summaries have to be removed within two business days after termination.
    • If you wish to terminate this Agreement you have to give nextmedia 21 days notice.
  5. iTnews Brand Guidelines
    • The iTnews logo will be supplied electronically and should appear on your website in the exact colours and layout as supplied.
  6. General
    • nextmedia has a right to decline processing of the Agreement any further if a site is offering any irrelevant services/products.
    • The News summaries can be used in a newsletter if it was agreed with nextmedia previously.
    • The format of the News summaries have to be strictly followed by an authorised partner as per the example supplied.
  7. Copyright
    • Storage and copying of the stories is not permitted if not agreed previously.
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