Scorched 3D 40.1

Nov 25, 2006


Impressive and free antivirus and antispyware package

Platform: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux


Manufacturer: Scorched3D Development Team

Size: 41.6MB

Rating: 4

Verdict: A great antivirus and antispyware program at no cost

In a nutshell, Scorched 3D is a turn-based strategy game that places you in a 3D environment and gives you a mountain of weapons. Your objective? Kill the other players and NPCs who are equally armed and armoured.

This would be easy, if it wasn't for the fact that you can't actually move your character.

This means that you have to work out the exact trajectory of your shots if you want to hit your targets, using previous shots to work out where to aim.

What makes Scorched 3D interesting are the little details. There are a variety of custom options to tinker with and after each round you can buy new missiles and defences with money pillaged from your enemies, adding a whole new level to the strategy.

As Scorched 3D is compatible with the internet and local area networks, it's possible to play against other fans across the world.

The controls take a while to learn, and you may find yourself scratching your head even after multiple hours of play.

The game does get infuriating when some shots become impossible to make without spending several turns blasting away at the landscape.

Note, as with all Sourceforge downloads, the download here will take you to the Sourceforge download page where you'll need to select a local mirror before you can download.

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