Actinic 8

Oct 10, 2006


Impressive and free antivirus and antispyware package

Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP


Manufacturer: Actinic Software Ltd

Size: 26.2MB

Rating: 5

Verdict: A great antivirus and antispyware program at no cost

Small businesses find that paperwork is one of the most difficult aspects of running and maintaining their business. On a daily basis, stock levels need to be maintained, products added to your inventory list, sale orders and invoices produced and tax and VAT accounted for. However, if there was a solution that would enable you to maintain these elements and handle your customer orders, you’d be keen, surely?

Actinic is an e-commerce solution primarily aimed as small and medium-level businesses who want to put their company online, track and receive orders and make their e-sales an automated process. The best thing about Actinic e-commerce software is that it still enables you to run your offline (day-to-day retail) business, too. You can use Actinic to keep track of stock levels, accept orders, produce invoices for customers and then print off reports at the end of every day/week/month for your accounting records. If you use an external accounting package, such as Sage Line 50, Actinic Business will use this rather than it’s own database.

There are two ‘off the shelf’ versions of Actinic 8:

Actinic Catalog can be summed up as a comprehensive low-cost ecommerce package. It includes everything a small business needs to design, build and manage its own secure web store. Actinic Catalog offers great value, ease of use, flexibility and a wide range of features to deliver a powerful ecommerce store. Backed up by a ready-made upgrade path to more advanced functionality, Actinic Catalog provides a platform to build a successful online store.

Actinic Business builds on the comprehensive features of Actinic Catalog and provides additional advanced functionality for high volume ecommerce sites. Actinic Business is particularly suitable for small and medium sized businesses requiring sophisticated functionality in the areas of marketing, customer management and back office integration.

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