Jul 27, 2010


Output any document as a PDF

Platform: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 98/ME

Type: freeware

Manufacturer: activePDF Inc

Size: 7.4MB

Rating: 5

Verdict: Simple free tool that enables you to create a PDF document (in any resolution) from just about any Windows application. Recommended.

Work with the Mac operating system and you’ll find that you can print just about any document as a PDF file, which you can then use to email to other users or send for commercial printing. PDF documents are widely universal and can be opened by most users, irrespective of operating system. Better still, PDF documents hold the information required for printing, so you get the correct fonts and page layout. Give a high-quality PDF to another user and they can print on the desktop printer and the printed page will appear exactly as you outputted the document.

Send someone a Word document and they need the same fonts you used and may not be able to open the page if you are using a newer version than the version of Word they have installed. With a PDF, you can even extract words, edit pages, add comments and more, if required.

PrimoPDF is the free version of the PDF creation tool designed to enable you to output documents from just about any Windows applications a PDF document. With the free version, you can create a low-resolution PDF required for web download or a hi-res document you’d need for printing commercially. You can password protect your documents and much more. The free PrimoPDF supports the latest PDF 1.5 standard.

Note that the Professional version contains a ton of additional features, including support for editing PDF documents, conversation, form creation and much more.

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