SpiderOak for Mac 3.0.9161

Jun 22, 2009


Impressive and free antivirus and antispyware package

Platform: Mac OS X


Manufacturer: SpiderOak, Inc

Size: 18MB

Rating: 4

Verdict: A great antivirus and antispyware program at no cost

This is the software publisher's description.

Picture a world where all the documents, photos, songs, and/or movies on your various computers or external drives will never be lost again... Welcome to SpiderOak. We understand how frustrating the permanent loss of valuable data can be. As such, let SpiderOak revolutionize the way you manage your digital life - providing a secure, automated, and easy-to-use approach to backup, store, access, and share.

Why have a back up product that can't work in any and all environments? Seems rather silly to us. At SpiderOak we have been cross platform compatible from day one - not merely as an afterthought - so you can work on whatever platform you like or all three and we will ensure your data is safe, secure, and always available from any platform to any platform.

Accidents happen. Files get accidentally overwritten. Or sometimes you just wish you could access a previous version of the file after saving over it several times. Because life happens, SpiderOak created an innovative versioning technology. This allows a user to access any historical version of a file by date - creating an environment where nothing is ever lost.

Wouldn't it be nice to easily share a folder of photos with friends? Or perhaps a folder of documents with a co-worker or client. And wouldn't it be great if I can have all of these shares going on at the same time, knowing I could easily manage who I am sharing with and what is being shared? Oh, and if I happen to make a change to a document, to know that it was automatically available to those I am sharing with instead of having to constantly re-upload. SpiderOak makes all of this possible and does so painlessly.

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