SugarSync for Mac 1.8.2

Aug 23, 2010


Sync your files between computers & share folders with other users

Platform: Mac OS X

Type: freeware

Manufacturer: Sharpcast

Size: 43.2MB

Rating: 5

Verdict: Possibly the ideal tool for you to synchronise your files between different computers, irrespective of operating system. Latest version will also enable you to share files and folders with other users.

Only a few years ago, if you used a Mac, you tended to keep away from the Windows operating system, and vice versa. File management differed, networking was awkward, archives were stored differently and insert a Mac-formatted drive on your Windows system and it was unreadable without third-party software. With the recent rise of the Mac, people are considering using a Mac as their home computer or even a laptop for the road.

This has had developers work to use the Internet to transfer, synchronise and move files between computers, whether this is between Windows PCs or from a PC to a Mac (and vice versa).

SugarSync is a tool that you can use to automatically backup and synchronise your files between different computers. If you edit a document at work, on your Windows PC, get home and find that the document appears on your Mac, via automatic synchronisation across the Internet. If you’re on the road and shut down your work machine, you can login to your SugarSync account, access the files and documents you’ve synchronised with our account and download to your laptop.

If you don’t want to synchronise your files, you could use SugarSync to backup and store your most important documents. If you lose them in the future, simply restore them back to your computer. If you run out of space, you can upgrade and pay for additional storage.

Note that SugarSync is a subscription service. You can open a free 2GB account that only enables you to synchronise between two computers.

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